Short essay on defence day of pakistan

The 6th of september 1965 is the day when the indian forces and the pakistan armed forces, when alerted, put up a valiant defence of the. Defence day pakistan 6 september essay essay and speeches on defence day short essay about peace defence day of pakistan short essay in english. Our national security faced its greatest danger when india launched her most aggressive attack on pakistan on 6th september, 1965 we were dragged into a .

Honoring our war heroes: 6th september – defense day of pakistan – is celebrated in memory of the brave soldiers.

Short essay on defence day of pakistan

Pakistan defence day is the most remarkable and memorable time in the history of pakistan that day we keep in mind all the surrender given.

Defence day is celebrated as national day to commemorate pakistan's victory against india at the battle of chawinda that marked the ceasefire of the 1965 war .

As all of you know that we are celebrating the 47th defence day of pakistan dear fellows, we celebrate this day in the memory of our those beloved and brave.

Short essay on defence day of pakistan
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